Attorney Website Pricing

Lawyers today are having to do more with less, every day. Stretching every dollar, looking for every good deal, reaching out to serve client needs, and finding the time for your own digital marketing. We understand because we’re small business owners too. We at Quick Attorney Websites, offer website packages and services to fit any need or budget.

This site is dedicated to simple one day rebuilds or new sites. Should you desire more complicated sites, visit our pricing located on our parent site… DFW Website Designers. There, we offer video marketing, blogging service, eCommerce websites, landing pages, and a full line of social media market.

Details of the $477 Attorney Website Package:

You are going to pay, then send us every single piece of content you got. Access to your hosting if you have one, pictures, content, everything. Then once we notify you of your build day, you need to be available for about two ours with questions. On your special day, we will work and get your site live in a day. By the end of the day, we’ll be talking on the phone for a review. By evening, you are done and live.

If you don’t have a domain, we’ll buy one for you. If you don’t have hosting we’ll provide it. Don’t have images, we’ll buy some from our photo stock. Don’t have content, we’ll write it. Basically we’ll do anything for you to get you live within the first day.

After you are live, we charge $9.95/mo for unlimited changes and hosting and domain support. You can request a website change every three days via email.

What kind of sites can you build in a day?
Look right, and we’ll show you examples of the $477 special.

What if my design is so complicated, it takes longer than a day?
Well if you have a complicated site, consider one of our turnkey offerings from DFW Website Designers otherwise when really necessary we charge $75/hr. (Rarely happens.)

Attorney Website Build

Ongoing Attorney Site Maintenance

One more thought: Prior to 04/01/2016 We did not offer refunds. We are service-oriented individuals who will walk on hot coals, exchange services, and do a rain dance in order to make our clients happy, but the state of business today does not allow us to offer refunds. We really appreciate your